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Tips for surviving with a newborn AND a toddler

Tips for surviving with a newborn and toddler

Firstly, you're amazing! Its exhausting enough caring for a newborn in the first few weeks never mind having an energetic, demanding toddler too.

You will be tested to your limits, but you'll get through it, it will get easier!

Here are some tips to help you get through you're new life with a baby and a toddler:

  • Enjoy your time in hospital

Take the time to rest, don't try to rush home, use the time to recuperate. Make sure you have someone reliable looking after your toddler and your mind will be at ease. Don't feel guilty for taking three days to yourself.

  • Make sure you have support in the first few weeks

Be sure to have as much support as you can in the first few weeks, you'll need it, from the tummy cramps, engorged breasts to the extreme lack of sleep. Don't say no to anyone who offers their assistance.

  • Make sure to ask as many questions as possible

All children are different, you may think you know it all because you've already had one child, but you would be surprised at how much you've forgotten and how many new things you can learn. And always remember to trust your motherly instinct.

  • Involve dad as much as possible

There will be ample opportunity to involve dad now that there are two children. Get him to help with things around the house, get him to spend quality time with your toddler and take advantage when he's there to sleep.

  • Stay calm and relaxed

Things are going to get chaotic and unpredictable, just like it was with your firstborn. When things seem to be getting out of control just breath and remember that everything will sort itself out as it always does. Focus on being a calm and relax mom with a positive mindset and it will channel through to all your family members. It's okay if the house is a mess and everything is going crazy, it will settle.

  • Get into a Routine

The earlier you get into a routine with your baby and toddler the better. It will help your toddler feel more secure and it will very much help your sanity.

  • Include your toddler

Get your toddler involved with caring for the new baby. They will feel very pleased and proud for helping and they'll love the praise for doing something positive.

  • Be sure to spend one-on-one time with your toddler

One-on-one time is so important, even if its just a cuddle or a story at bedtime. It will help them them to not feel left out. They don't need a lot so don't feel guilty if you can't spend hours alone with your toddler, any special attention you can give them no matter how short will make all the difference.


Be sure to sleep whenever you can. That moment will come when your baby and toddler are SLEEPING AT THE SAME TIME, rejoice and take complete advantage. Don't worry about the dirty dishes or the clothes that need to be washed, they're not, sleep is.

  • Don't hibernate for too long

You need to get out, I know it may seem daunting taking your baby and your toddler out into the big world but the sooner you get out the better. You don't have to go on a big journey, even spending some time in the garden and breathing in the fresh air can make all the difference.

Do you have any tips you would like to add?

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