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SUPER Clever tip for removing splinters from your child's finger painlessly

A massive thank you to Claire Bullen-Jones who shared a fantastic tip on how to remove a splinter from your child's finger.

It's such a simple easy way that most of us have never thought of!

Claire has been using the trick for years on her own children and only shared it recently when she saw a mom asking about hot to remove a splinter on Facebook.

Are you ready for the you're gonna kick yourself for not thinking of it before..

Basically, get yourself a plastic syringe, like this:

Make sure it's clean.

Pull out the syringe a little bit so there is a slight gap.

Put the syringe over the splinter, make sure it's touching the skin with no gaps and PULL it quickly.


It should pull the splinter out painlessly with the first go, if its a very stubborn one it may take a few pulls but don't worry, it won't hurt them at all.

YAY to no more splinter drama with your little one!

THANKS Claire Bullen-Jones!

Let me know when you've given it a try and if it worked!

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