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5 activities to help improve your childs concentration

help improve your childs concentration

Improving a child’s concentration can feel like a struggle. This isn’t a new phenomenon, parents have been trying to improve their kids’ attention spans for years, but with an increasing number of distractions, it can feel like more of a challenge than it ever has before.

Luckily, there are lots of fun activities for kids that can help improve memory, focus and concentration.

Just a few minutes of activities like these each day could produce results that may surprise you!


Whether it’s a jigsaw puzzle, a word puzzle or an interactive brain teaser online, puzzles are sure to grab your kids’ attention of kids. As well as helping with their concentration skills, it can also help them to develop their problem-solving and sequencing abilities, and the challenge of completing the task will encourage them to focus on achieving success.


Cooking with kids is a great activity to help boost concentration levels. It requires a lot of focus – the need to carefully measure out each ingredient, then follow the instructions in the recipe, step by step, will help them to keep their mind on the task at hand. They will also need to coordinate these actions and work out how long to cook the ingredients for to achieve the desired result. The great thing about this activity is that the kids will be having so much fun that concentrating on the task that it won’t even feel like an effort!

Memory games

Memory games are highly effective for improving short-term memory and helping to develop problem-solving skills. There are a wide range of memory games that can be purchased or played online, including flashcards, games that get your kids to pair up words or objects, and games that require kids to fill in missing components in a sequence. By exercising this part of your child’s brain, you’ll soon start to notice their concentration levels improving over time.


Getting your kids to meditate can help to improve focus and get them to block out external distractions. Start them off with some simple breathing and relaxation exercises before moving onto more complex activities, such as visualisation techniques. You can also incorporate singing and chanting into the routine, as paying attention to lyrics, harmonies and rhythms could help them to focus in a way that feels more natural to them.

Ball games

As well as improving concentration levels, ball games can help with your child’s motor coordination skills. Whether it’s a game of basketball or a bat and ball game, controlling the ball is key, and to do that you definitely need to pay attention! This is also a great group activity that promotes team work, communication and taking note of what others are doing to achieve success for everyone.

These are just a few activities to help you start to boost concentration levels in your little ones. As they progress, you’ll be surprised at how quickly their concentration levels improve and they become more alert and focused on their daily activities. Give it a try!

Interested in more great play ideas? Click here for more kids activities.

Interested in more great play ideas? Click here for more kids activities.

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