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In’s & Out’s of waxing (especially during pregnancy!)

in's and out's of waxing while pregnant

Some woman think that waxing is unsafe during pregnancy. This however has not been proven. I

can say however from personal experience that it is more painful during pregnancy. The reason for this is the increase in your hormones and blood flow in your body.

Wax Explained

There are 2 types of waxing:

1. Hot Wax – this is a thicker wax and heated at a slightly warmer temp than Strip Wax (see

below). This is used on thicker more stubborn hair such as underarms & bikini’s. The hot

wax is applied against the hair growth in a thick layer in a small circular shape. Once the wax

has hardened the wax is pulled off against the growth while supporting the skin.

2. Strip Wax (aka Cold Wax) – this is slightly cooler than Hot Wax (although still quite warm).

Strip wax is used for larger areas & on hairs that are less stubborn. Such as the legs. The

wax is applied with the growth of the hair in large strips. A fabric strip is then applied to the

strip and pulled off against the growth of hair while supporting the skin.

Some salons use strip wax on underarms & bikini areas. However, in my opinion it’s better to use

Hot Wax as it’s better suited to remove the thicker stubborn hairs and it’s less harsh for the

sensitivity of these areas.

When to wax

Whether you use Hot Wax or Strip wax there is no need to wait for the hairs to grow very long. In

fact it’s best to wax when the hairs are short, approximately 2-3mm long, as the whole root will be

removed and it will take longer for the next hair to grow out. When the hairs are longer, the new

hair is more than likely already grown & ready underneath just waiting to surface. This does mean of course that the shorter the hair the more painful because the root is being pulled out. (You’ll be able to see these roots.)


There is no reason why you can’t wax any area during pregnancy (unless advised by your doctor).

But be sure to visit a salon & ask for a therapist who is trained in waxing a pregnant woman.

The reason is, for the back of the legs, the client can’t lie in their tummy so the therapist needs to know how to wax the back of the legs without having the client lie face down (this is done by the client lying on their side & turning their legs). Some women like to have a full bikini wax near their delivery so that the area is clean for the birth of the baby. The only hindrances of waxing during pregnancy would be that you would be uncomfortable, so make sure the therapist has lots of pillows to help support your bump.

During pregnancy your skin is more sensitive, so ensure you use an antiseptic soothing cream before & after to avoid infection & minimize the red bumps.

I would highly recommend waxing. I have doing so for the past 17 years and continued throughout my pregnancy. The benefit of waxing (especially for such a long time) is that your hairs become

lighter, thinner & fewer. Now instead of 1-2 hairs growing in every pore, I now have 1-2 hairs every 3-4 pores.

Stores such as Clicks also sell home waxing kits which are fairly easy to use. Some can get tricky

when doing it yourself, such as the back of the legs. They would work great if you had another set of hands. I also get my hubby to give me a hand.

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