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Baby Abduction Spike

baby abduction spike

According to quite a few posts from South African mothers on Social media websites there seems to be a spike in attempted baby abductions.

Recently I have read quite a few posts of moms being followed in shopping malls and parking lots from people trying to steal their children.

The police are appealing to these moms to PLEASE report it to your local police station. They need as much information they can. YOU may be the person who gives enough information so the police can catch these people and hopefully stop them from successfully kidnapping someone’s child.

Have you had any disturbing experiences with regards to people trying to steal your children?

What do you think is the best thing to do in a situation like that? Maybe something simple like wearing a whistle around your neck and blowing it as loud as you can might be a basic way to get help and attention if you're feeling followed in a public area?

Tell us your thoughts..

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