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What is your parenting style?

What is your parenting style

We all have different ways of parenting, below is a list of the different types of parents you can get. What do you think your parenting style is?

Do you think you’re one of them or a mixture of a few. I think I'm definitely a mixture of a few of them, my own quirky style!

I do think it's strange that there are actually specific type of parenting styles and that we fall into categories.

What do you think?

Do you think parenting styles can be categorized. I for one am just winging it as I go along so I found it really interesting reading the different sort of styles.

Here are the most popular parenting styles:

  • Authoritarian Parenting – Authoritarian parents have very high expectations of their children, they are strict, demanding, they don’t express much warmth and don’t give children options or choices, it’s all their decision and their rules.

  • Authoritative Parenting – Authoritative parents set high standards but are nurturing and involved. They don’t let their children misbehave and expect them to behave responsibly. Authoritative parents explain the reasons for their rules to their children and take the time to explain the consequences of bad behaviour and praise them for good behaviour. They can be very demanding but also very responsive to their children’s needs and emotions.

  • Permissive/Indulgent Parenting - Permissive/indulgent parents very rarely discipline their children, they have very inconsistent rules if they have any. They are very nurturing towards their children. They tend to use bribery with their children to get them to behave; they tend to be more of a friend than a parent.

  • Instinctive Parenting – Instinctive parents usually parent the same way they were brought up. You simply go with your feelings and gut when you parent. It can sometimes be labelled as “old school parenting”

  • Helicopter Parenting – A helicopter parent like to hover and be completely involved in their child’s life, in fact they are a little too overly involved. They are over controlling, overprotective and over perfecting.

  • Slow Parenting – Slow parenting is all about being in the moment and present. Slow parents encourage their children to explore things in their own time. They don’t make numerous play dates for their kids. They believe in quality not quantity. They believe creativity comes out of boredom and not continuously entertaining your child. They give their children love and attention with no conditions attached. They don’t try to be their child’s friend; they take pride in being their parent. They observe their children and listen. They discipline by setting clear boundaries for their children.

  • Attachment Parenting – Attachment parents are all about attachment and being close to their children, not in an overbearing way like helicopter parenting though. They respond to their child’s need with sensitivity, they are nurturing, they’re very consistent with their care, and they practice positive discipline. They tend to co-sleep or share a room with their children. They do not believe in methods like the cry-out method etc. They strongly believe in family time, balance and nurturing their relationship with their children.

  • Equalitarian Parenting – As an Equalitarian parent you give your child more choices. Decisions are made as a family; you tend to operate more like a team. Family rules are set and there are reasonable consequences if they are broken. You tend to view discipline as an opportunity to teach your child a lesson. Your family communicates openly and effectively, you let your children have a voice.

  • Spiritual Parenting – Spiritual parents give their children space to develop their own beliefs based on their own perspectives. One of your main goals with your children is to teach them to treat others with kindness and compassion. You teach them to be responsible for their actions. You listen to your child. You create a flexible structure for them. Spiritual parenting is about parenting with your eyes, heart and soul open to your children. You honour your child’s nature. You help your child to find meaning in their life.

So, which parenting style do you think you fit into?

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