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Help your child succeed at school

The early years of your child's schooling is so important for them. Getting them into good schooling and learning habits is your job and something you should start doing from the very beginning.

Here are some tips to help your child succeed at school.

  • Ask your children about school and encourage them to talk about their day.

  • Be involved and stay involved.

  • If you are concerned about anything to do with yoru child, contact your child’s teacher

  • Do not talk negatively about your child’s teacher or school.

  • Read with your child every night.

  • Help your child with his/her homework when they need the help.

  • Make sure you pack a healthy lunch for your child every day, no junk food.

  • Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep each night so they can be bright and alert at school.

  • Teach your children to be responsible for their actions and their school work.

  • Teach your children to follow the school and teachers rules, they’ve been made for a reason.

Author: Lisa Bulpin

About: I'm a single mom to a superhero, online marketing guru, coffee, sunshine, gardening, music loving girl

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