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Esse Organics Review

I was sent a Esse Limited edition 10 Year Celebration pack.

In it I got the following:

1 x Esse Gel Cleanser

1 x Esse Cocoa Exfoliator

1 x Esse Eye and Lip Cream

1 x Esse Toner

1 x Cream Mask

Firstly, I love the packaging of Esse Products..they're simple and beautiful and they all come in glass bottles and jars which I really like. All their products can be used on all skin types and their products smell divine. And the BEST thing about them...they're ORGANIC. {I love organic}

Esse Cream Mask

The Esse Cream mask is wonderfully moisturizing Its looks like a cream. You put it on your face and sleep with it on which completely nourishes your skin.

Its the perfect mask for summer! Especially if you get a bit sunburned. It can be used on all skin types too.

Esse Toner

The Esse toner leaves your face feeling COMPLETELY refreshed! It has yummy things like rooibos extracts, vanilla and rose in it.

I feel like I'm bathing my skin in rose water when I used it. Really really refreshing.

Esse Gel Cleanser

This cleanser comes in gel form that foams up when you use it. It has spearmint and peppermint oils which makes your skin tingle, clean and refreshed. It's deep cleansing so it takes all the grit and grime off from the day very easily. The gel cleanser has a nice push nozzle so you can get just the right amount out without any wastage.

Esse Eye and Lip Cream

The eye AND lip cream is awesome! I REALLY love it! It is definitely one of my favorite out of the products I got from them. I love the feel of the cream and the way it feels when I put it under my eyes. It absorbs into my skin like a dream. I only need to put a tiny bit on my finger and I can put it under both my eyes and use it above my lip, it goes far.

Esse Cocoa Exfoliator

This is my other favorite product in the range! It is sooooooo scrumptious!

It's Cocoa so naturally it smells wonderful. It polishes your skin with its tiny granules and it feels really good while it does it. What I love the most about it is that the little granules dissolve while you rub them into your skin. With other exfoliators the granules just kind of stay on your skin and you have to wash them off. This one is completely unique because they just dissolve likes magic!

As a whole...I think the Esse Range is wonderful. The products make your skin feel divine, refreshed and smell like spring blossoms.

Your skin will be super happy and thank you if you use Esse Products!


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