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TTC True Story

Myself and hubby comes from large families, and both wanted kids early in our 20s, so I never went on any contraceptives, we tried for a long time,

I went for all my check ups to make sure the problem wasn't with me, my doctor did all the tests and everything was fine!

Every month I hoped my period wouldn't come. Buying HPT and being disappointed every time took its toll on our relationship.

Then we decided to make an appointment so that my husband could go for tests.

I stopped buying HPT and just left it to see what the outcome would be after our appointment!

The morning before our appointment the lady at the doc's office called me to make sure we would still be coming in, I said yes we will be there at 10am!

So I did what I do every morning, went for a run, but I just could not run as far as usual, I felt out of breath and my breasts hurt like crazy, so I stopped and went home!

I took a shower went to the pharmacy and got a HPT, the lady told me wait till the morning and take the midstream urine its the best! I thought to myself if I'm pregnant it won't matter what time of day I do the test!

I got home and did the test, it was the longest 5 min ever, and I was afraid it would be negative AGAIN! I looked over and saw 2 lines on the test! I started to shake, cry and laugh at the same time!

I Could not get my pants up, I just ran to the phone and called my husband! He didn't believe me and even asked me to take a picture of the test and send it to him! He was home in 10min!

My son was born on the 26th of May 2008 weighing 4kg! I had a very easy pregnancy! And 18 months later I fell pregnant with my second! I have 2 gorgeous babies!

Up to this day we don't know why it took so long to conceive but it will never matter as we have been blessed with the biggest gift!

Never give up, good things takes time, good things come to those who wait! And everything happens for a reason!

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