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A Family of Four

I've always said I want 4 kids becausew bothe me and hubby is the eldest of 4 kids. However after no 2 we decided to stop. While pregnant with baba 2 my son who's two became very naughty and had these massive temper tantrums. I thought it was the terrible twos, but also thought he might be jealous of his unborn sister. I was afraid he would feel neglected. I then let him be part of the whole pregnancy. He bathed with me and washed my tummy. Sometimes he would lay his head on my bump to. He got kicked in the head and got such a fright he didn't do it again! Lol. But I didn't stop there. He helped me decorate her room and wash her clothes. He enjoyed it a lot. When she finally arrived the first thing he asked was 'Waar sussie nou?'. Seeing that my tummy was gone. From the beginning I've involved him with everything! We bought him a Cars DVD and told him sissie bought it for him. Till today when you ask him where he got it, he will tell you his sister gave it. I will let him help in choosing her clothes, help him bath her like washing her back and throw away her nappies. He kisses her good morning and goodnight each day. He also covers her with a blanket when he thinks she's cold. He goes to school each dayan and when I fetch him we will sometimes go for an ice cream. Or at home we will do some craft projects or he will help me baking muffins. Today, 2 months later he loves his baby sister and the tantrums is almost none existing. And I have a new found love for my son!

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