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Ways to build your toddler’s vocabulary

ways to build your toddlers vocabulary

My son took quite a while when it came to talking. I remember being quite worried at one stage thinking that he was behind all the other children (typical how we compare, even when we don't realize it)

If your toddlers vocabulary is something you're also concerned about here are some tips to help you improve it.


Find a book that is based on your child's interest. Don't just pick picture books. While they are lovely they tend to have very basic words in them. Select ones that may be a bit more advanced and as you read to them and they ask questions they'll naturally start to learn new words!

Use "big" Words.

Don't shy away from words that you think are too big, if your child doesn't understand them then explain it to them. Try not to always keep things simplified. They're little sponges and you'd be surprised what words they'll pick up and remember.

Go on outings.

Take your child on interesting fun outings, like the beach, the mountain, the Meuse, the zoo, etc.

The more they're exposed to the more they'll absorb and learn. Talk about the things around you and the things you can see.

Play Games

Fun games like Simon Says and treasure hunts are great ways to help your child learn instructional languages.

They'll have so much fun playing and they'll be learning at the same time!

Talk Descriptively.

Have conversations with your child and try and describe things when you can. Remember to listen to them when they talk to you. Have a conversation. If they say something incorrectly you can just repeat it back to them subtly. Sometimes we forget to sit down and have a conversation with our toddlers, we're too busy chasing them around! Sitting down at supper time is a great place to listen and chat to them.

We tend to get so stuck on keeping our vocabularly simple so our little ones can understand. By just expanding a bit you'll see a vast improvement!

Remember, their biggest teachers are us, their parents

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