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Patience Lesson 2

When you are fast asleep and you get called from your Childs bedroom, ”mommy” you get up with great difficulty and make your way there thinking what is wrong, is everything ok, to get asked the question “mom is it morning yet” and you’re like “no it’s the middle of the night and everyone is fast asleep.” Now feeling rather frustrated you make your way back to your bed.

Then just as you settling down to go back to sleep you are being summoned again to be asked “can you put my blanket back on my legs”

Take three, settling down again and you’re thinking mmmm bed yummy and you are sinking back into sleep, the sound that shocks your whole body “mommy” and once again you get up, now my patience is running super thin and you get there all worked up, ready to yell and he says “I love you mommy” and my heart melts and all I can say is “I love you to sweetheart but please go to sleep now” man, little humans really know how to work the system.

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