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Why Children dance

Life in a town or city as we know it for all humans is full every day with varieties of experiences; positive, demanding, repetitive, shocking, encouraging, inspiring, generative, consumptive, etc.

We can argue is this natural, is this healthy? So many experiences in one day.

Can we process, assimilate and integrate everything experienced?

The human body is intelligent and over accommodating, always finding ways to hold, encapsulate, take care of any experience that did not have an equal expression.

From the simple act of breathing ,how many times does one hold ones breath in a day ,from a fright small or big, in anticipation, and excitement,etc, did we breath out completely.

What we ingest, see, hear taste and feel, all needs to be processed in some way before integration to the whole.

Many of these influencing sense experiences are trapped, held, accommodated by the body until assimilation and expression of the experience and or substance is expressed.

Intrinsic to life is movement!!!!

A human being becomes/grows within and is part of the vast ocean within the female egg cell. Tides, ripples, currents, rhythm and waves.

For the intrinsic health of a human to be encouraged and, restored it needs to move.

Many natural movements have been lessened or totally ousted by our lifestyle, for eg.

  • More transport, less walking,

  • As access to info and intertainment, compremising posture, affecting many systems of the body.

  • Intellectually demanding, less time for day dreaming (processing)

  • Food! Hyper and or hypo inducing, negative effect on the nervous system.

WE all need time to be …

For the purpose of all round stress release, physical strengthening, social engagement, brain development, character freeing and soul strengthening.

Dancing is our gift to ourselves.

In creative dance classes for children, the focus is on

  • Creating; a safe space.

  • Encourages self expression

Through authentic movement our bodies are allowed the chance to realise, process and release held stress (emotions, aches and pains from habitual movements…held moments of shock and or alarm).

Baby’s, children, teen’s, adult, elderly, movement frees the body.

Shared experience, music, experienced guidance, a wide range of exercises and movement styles.

Author : Julia Nowicki

About: A Creative dance class at Alive dance studio is one of the ways you can encourage joy and your miraculous self healing system within.

Alive dance studio established 1994

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