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Grounded on a Point System

Grounding your child tips

Instead of just grounding your child with a time limit when they do something wrong, why not make them work to get out of being grounded instead!

Work on a point system. They have to get 500 points to get out of being grounded. Here are some ideas for you.

  • Write a nice letter to someone in the family = 10 Points

  • Help a relative with homework = 20 Points

  • Help prepare and cook Dinner = 50 Points

  • 1 Load of laundry (wash, hang, fold and put away) = 100 Points

  • Clean and organise a kitchen cupboard = 50 Points per cupboard

  • Pack and empty dishwasher = 25 Points

  • Clean and wipe down tables and counters = 25 Points

  • Clean out microwave = 40 Points

  • Take out rubbish = 10 Points

  • Scrub sinks = 10 Points

  • Clean toilet = 50 Points

  • Water plants = 25 Points

  • Sweep floors = 50 Points

  • Feed animals = 25 Points

  • Clean Bedroom = 50 Points

  • Gardening = 50 points

The things you can get them to do are endless. You can decide on the point amount too.

So instead of them just sitting around the house or in their room they're actually doing something with their time and helping around the house and helping others.


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