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Balm Balm Review

Lip Balm

LOVE the fact that it is organic and I do not have to worry about chemicals and artificial fragrances as this is very important to me. I had a sore lip as I went to the dentist the day before and forgot about the anaesthetic while eating toast *ouch*!! so this was pure relief. I do find that during the day it is nice as an under balm as it lasts quite long but if you want the shiny gloss effect you need to add a little extra. So so so impressed to find something without any added nasties its just lightly naturally fragranced :)

Baby Balm

This is a totally unscented balm. My hubby totally loved it for his lips as he does not like any fragranced lip balms and it is really hard to find good quality non-fragranced balms (you do get some commercial types but then it comes along with other added nasties). I normally do not put bum cream on my baby but this stuff is awesome! It sticks nicely so even after putting a nappy on (the nappy usually absorbs other creams) and taking it off we could still feel that it was on his bum which is good news as it has a lasting effect.

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