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Did you follow the 'mom rules'?

Mom rules

I remember when I fell pregnant, I had all these rules I was going to implement with my child. The things I would and wouldn't do and the things I would and wouldn't let them do.

I think when it comes to your first child we all have sets of rules we want to follow but a lot of the time if you really think about them, they're rules that tend to be set by other judgmental moms or by the generation before us.

Here are some of my "rules" that I had made for myself and my child that I DIDN'T follow through with:

  • Wear cloth nappies, that totally went out the window because disposables were more convenient.

  • Exclusively breastfeed. I ended up having to top up with formula because my baby had reflux.

  • No Dummy. He ended up having a dummy up until he was 3.

  • I would not rock my baby to sleep, I ended up doing that almost every night because he was a bad sleeper and it soothed him.

  • He wouldn't be allowed to play with toy guns, which went out the window when he started going "peow, peow"with his fingers.

  • He wouldn't get to watch a lot of T.V. That also flew out the window. Being a single mom T.V is the only time I get peace and quite.

  • NO Disney printed clothes, I hated them. That went out of the window after his first birthday.

  • Oh, and no sugar...hahahaha, I like to laugh at myself at that one. Though I managed to do the no sugar until he was after 1 years old.

So, did you have any mommy rules that you didn't end up following through with?

I'd love to hear some of your 'rules'

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