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Why you should say NO to your children.

Why you should say no to your children

We've all had those moments when we get hounded from our children for something and we say "No" but of course they keep asking. They're super persistent especially when candy and toys are involved and of course, a lot of the time some parent do just end up giving in because they don't want to argue or deal with any tantrums that might evolve.

I mean generally when it comes to tantrums in public we're more worried about how other people will react and we feel embarrassed. So that's why we give in and it is easier to say yet than to say no.

Another reason parents tend to say yes is because we don't want our children to feel "left out" when all their friends have the latest "cool" thing. Which is nonsense because they shouldn't be defined by what they have, but then most adults measure their success by their financial status so it would make sense that it would filter onto their children.

While it's beneficial to say no, its very good to explain to your child why you're saying no. Just saying "No" without any explanation can just cause confusion or make your child think you're just being mean, which you're not.

What saying "NO" and putting up limits and sticking to it will teach our children

  • It will teach your children the value of things

  • Happiness doesn't come from physical things like a toy gun, any happiness you get from that is very short lived.

  • It will stop them from growing up with an unnatural sense of entitlement.

  • It will give them an opportunity to find solutions by adapting what they already have

  • It will help your children to learn clear boundaries.

  • They will learn to tolerate disappointment.

  • It will help to give them a better persecption of what the real world is like.

  • It will help them to learn to sometimes sacrifice their own needs and desires for the benefit of others

There are many different ways of saying "No", you don't have to do it in a harsh way or say it all the time, but when you do be sure to stick to it. As you can see above there are many benefits of putting clear boundaries and not pandering to your child's every want.

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