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Cars Birthday Party

cars party

Tyron's Car's Party

Although not a very original theme, its what he wanted - Ty is a die hard Finn McMissile fan...

We only invited Tyron's friends from school and had a total of 8 kids and 16 adults.

Venue and Entertainment - Tyron's party was held at Yeesh in Bryanston.

They provided the basics (table cloths, balloons, paper plates) and the play area was amazing! the kids LOVED it and there was no need for any other entertainment.

Invites - I designed the invites myself, as well as the little cars themed juice bottles - which worked so much better than parents having to pour into paper cups every 5 minutes.

The Cakes - The cake was made to my specs with Lightning, Mater and Finn on top. It was made by Lee from I love cakes and castles - and EVERYONE loved it!!

Food - The party was right after lunch so I didn't have to provide any proper food, the adults snacked on pretzels, chips and peanuts and I supplied some soda and juice cans. Yeesh did the coffee and tea. The kids had pop corn, smarties, lollies, gummy sweets, Oreo's and marshmallows - to be honest they were so busy playing they barely ate any of it!!

Goody Bags - They all went home with little checkered flag boxes, filled with the usual and they each got little PEZ dispensers in the Cars theme.

cars party

cars party

cars party

cars party

cars party


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