Halloween Birthday Party Theme

halloween birthday party

One of our wonderful Mommalicious moms had a Halloween themed party for her son. Take a look below to see what she did to make her sons party spooktacular!

Invites - The invites were ghost chocolates (my mum got the molds in the UK) and I printed on a ghost shaped paper I put them both into a clear plastic baggy and tied it with a ribbon.

Party Packs - I had a friend of mine make the party packs in the shape of ghosts.

Decorations - The table decorations were ooky spooky decorations, most of witch (hahahaha see what i did there) I got from a costume hire shop, there were brains in jars tomb stones and bright green spiderwebs...

Food - Puff pastry bats: all i did was buy puff pastry and use a cookie cutter to make them bat shape, put a little egg wash and a sprinkle of chicken spice

Pizza mummies: taking the small ready made pizza bases you slice olives and use @ slices as eyes then with quite thick slices of cheese you lay them slightly skew to look like bandages then bake till the cheese is melted

Birthday Cake - I also made a moon cake with little bats (got it from a book) and cupcakes that were BRIGHT orange with store bought decoration

halloween birthday party

halloween birthday party

halloween birthday party

halloween birthday party

halloween birthday party


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