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Homeopathic Caulophyllum for childbirth

blue cohosh

The homeopathic remedy caulophyllum is prepared using the fresh roots of the blue

cohosh/squaw root, used to treat problems related to child birth and menstruation.

The American Indians traditionally used the herb for medicinal purposes as a dietary

supplement to promote labor and speed up childbirth as well as alleviate the pain and

problems related labour.

Having a 4.5kg baby without pain relief is probably only for the mentally insane, but with the aid of Caulophyllum I managed to do this with relatively little fuss’(no screaming!) in 3hours from start to finish of active labour.

This remedy was recommended to me by my midwife as something to ‘speed up

labour and strengthen contractions’. I thought ‘BONUS!’…wanting a natural delivery, this seemed like a jolly good thing. Since then I have spoken to numerous mums who really wanted to go the natural birth route, but because their contractions were ineffective (as they often are if you have an epidural), baby does not progress down the birth canal fast enough, with a result that mum becomes exhausted after hours of ‘pushing’ and baby becomes distressed and an emergency caesar is then performed.

In addition to speeding up labour, this remedy basically prepares the birth canal; ie softens it so that baby can come out easily without too much ‘wear and tear’! This also seemed like a VERY good plus in favour of taking this remedy.

NB: This remedy should not be taken before the 38week mark since it can induce labour. If you are pregnant and would like a natural birth, consult your midwife or homeopath about taking this remedy.

* this advice is anecdotal and not meant to replace professional medical advice; please consult your healthcare professional, midwife/doula or a qualified homeopath before taking any remedy during pregnancy.

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By Vicki Penfold


Wild at heart artist, creator of Bio-Baba eco-friendly nappies, avid organic gardener, experimental mushroom grower, slow food enthusiast and lover of garagiste wine!

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