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Baby Sprinkle Shower

Ever heard of baby sprinkle shower? It's what you have when you're having your second, third, fourth (or more, you super mom you.) child.

So instead of having a baby shower for your first child where you get tons of presents and a lot of guests, you have a smaller sprinkle shower with your next kids.

Why do people have sprinkle showers instead of baby showers?

Because generally when they have their next children they've already got a lot of baby goods still, like prams, baby chairs, play mats toys etc. So at a baby sprinkle you just get the essentials.

The normal etiquette is to only have one baby shower, for your first child. But most moms want to celebrate the fact that they're having another child, because each child is special and of course you could be having a baby that's a different gender to your first child.

How it works

You only invite close friends and family members

You don't have a register.

It's a small key event.

What do you think about Baby Sprinkle Showers? Do you think moms shouldn't have a baby shower for their second child? Or do you think each child should be as hugely celebrated as the first?

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