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How to Sponge Bath your Newborn

how to sponge bath your newborn

I remember completely nervous about bathing my newborn for the first time! It was the thing I was nervous about the most.

My mom used to come and help me bathe my son. Here is how we did it and some tips for you.

For the first two weeks or until your baby's umbilical cord stump heals it’s best to sponge bath your little baby. You only need to bathe your newborn about 3 times a week. You only need to increase the amount of time you bathe your baby when they start crawling around and start getting dirty.

What will you need to clean your baby?

  • Baby soap

  • Cotton balls

  • Washcloth

  • Towel

  • Clean diaper

  • Clean clothes

  • Small bowl or baby bath filled with lukewarm water

Get Prepared:

  • Make sure you have all your supplies on hand and have prepared a clean surface

  • Test the water by testing it on your inner arm or wrist. The water should feel warm, not hot. The temperature should be 37 degrees to 39.9 degrees.

  • Make sure the room is warm and free of drafts; newborns really do not like the cold.

  • Make sure your hands are clean.

How to bath your newborn

  • Keep your baby wrapped as you wash them and only unwrap the areas you are cleaning

  • Start by washing her face, head and around her ears.

  • Clean your babies hair with a gentle baby shampoo, keep your baby wrapped while you do this.

  • Next clean her neck, make sure you clean in all the creases.

  • Clean your baby’s eyes with a damp cotton ball.

  • Next clean the rest of your baby’s body section by section making sure not to miss the creases. Wipe the soap off with the second damp cloth. Wash, rinse, dry.

  • Don’t wash the umbilical stump, try and keep it dry

  • Leave the genitals for last.

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